OxyTis A program calculating Oxygen Pressures (and Myoglogin Saturations) in tissue.

The free version OxyTisS is a fully operational version of the program OxyTis with some extensions and possibilities disabled. Programs are multilingual versions in Dutch, English and German. Manuals also are in these languages. The file PMRAT0.txt is an example datafile.
English Manual Interested in the manual? Download the English, Dutch or German version.
Demo version Interested? Try downloading a limited, but fully working version. Unzip it, copy all files into the same directory, and read the  "License.rtf"  file. If you are already interested in the full version, send us an and we will inform you straight away when it is ready.
OxyTis The license for a fully working version of OxyTis will be available soon for €35,- to be remitted to our bank account, adding the text "OxyTis"; instructions will follow.