AnaTis AnaTis is a program analysing distribution of both point-like items and contours as well as their interrelation. For example, capillary and fiber cross sections in a muscle tissue slice.

Interested? Development is currently nearing its final stages and we will soon provide a limited but fully working demo version.
English Manual Interested in the manual? The English version is ready for download.
Demo version Development is in its final stage but here you already can download a limited but fully working demo version; Unzip it, copy all files into the same directory, and read the  "License.rtf"  file. If you are interested in the full version, send us an e-mail and you willo be informed when it is ready.
AnaTis The license for a fully working version of AnaTis will be available soon for €35,- to be remitted to our bank account, adding the text "AnaTis"; instructions will follow.